A Venture with a Future

The NarseeMonjee Center For Excellence (NMCE) - focuses on exponential growth with plans for educating not only the youth of the society but members of all age groups within it.

The Narsee Monjee Educational Trust (NMET) has, for more than four decades, provided top quality education through institutes using state of art infrastructure. It firmly believes that the future of education has arrived and the unbridled technological progress has a major responsibility towards it. Technology has entered the classrooms not as a luxury but as a requisite tool in the learning process. With modern learners, tech tools have become the best way to self-learning. NMCE will always endeavour to provide myriad opportunities to teach creatively and in an engaging manner.

The Narsee Monjee Educational Trust, founded in the late sixties, has steered its way very successfully towards its beacon ‘Jnanat Sarvam Pradipyate’ (Illuminate all with knowledge) with thousands benefitting every year. The trust continues to augment its impact on society by offering more and more new befitting opportunities to those desirous of them.

In anticipation of societal needs, NMET has launched the Narsee Monjee Center for Excellence with plans underway to enrich the lives of various age groups in society through a variety of programmes and courses offered by it. Management skills will be honed to make better leaders for the future.

NMCE will always sense impending changes and better prepare each individual to not only adapt to it but also emerge victorious in various fields.

NMCE also believes that a sustainable vocational education and training is fundamental to the National Educational System in a fast progressing country.

At NMCE, we shall shoulder the responsibility to prepare every member of our society and provide a wide range of courses which have a quick return on their investment.